D. Parker Phinney

CC-BY-SA leesean on flickr

Parker has the most fun when he's building and organizing awesome things. That's why he started the Dartmouth Hacker Club. He's written code for Google, 3-person startup OpenHatch, nonprofit Creative Commons, and a few others. He always has some crazy side project. He's co-organized conferences for and served on the board of Students for Free Culture. He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest barrel of monkeys chain. He likes building things so much that he gave a talk about it once.

He wants to know what makes organizations and ventures succeed and fail. He wants to solve problems with human-centered design. He wants to start a food truck in the Mission District of San Francisco. He wants to keep writing code. He wants to build things that make people smile. He wants to meet you.

He does improv comedy with Dartmouth's Dog Day Players. He's gone backpacking in Iceland. He has brown hair.

He has a resume. You can email him.

He thinks you're swell.